The Beginnings of a Blog

 Long ago I would travel and keep a journal of my adventure, or try to anyway. I would take hiking trips or go camping with thousands of people and I would try to keep a record of the awesome experiences that I had. I say try to because I would start the beginnings of my trips with diligent writing at the end of each day, but as I got farther and farther into the experience I would enjoy spending my time doing, not reflecting. But at the end of my day I was too tired to sit down and write about it, I wanted to rest up for what was to come the next day, and the day after that. Because of this I relied on FaceBook and photos and friends to relive and recreate my memories, after all, a picture is really worth a thousand words. However, today I find myself planning and doing many more fun experiences than I have previously had the pleasure of embracing and because of this I want a place to write down what I experience. I may not be able to post every day or to write it all down, but I want to capture the essence so that I can look back and know where my path has led me, where I’ve turned, my triumphs and my short comings. With that, this blog is born.

Working My Ticket is not a name chosen at random, it is not a name designed to catch the eye, Working My Ticket is a personal challenge, a reminder that I am never done learning, I am never done improving myself, and I am never done failing. I am a life-long Scouter, starting as a Bear Cub in the second grade, I have never left my Scouting family for long. After turning 18 I could no longer be a Scout, but I could give back to the organization by serving the next generation of youth, by sharing the skills and the experiences that the program gave me. To this end, and in a continual effort to improve myself, I took the premier leadership course in the Scouting organization, I committed to Wood Badge. Wood Badge is a complete leadership experience designed to teach one skills in a hands on manner, allowing one to use them as they learn to apply them in their own life. Upon completion of the educational part of the course one enters the practical part, their ticket. The ticket is a collection of five SMART goals that the Scouter will work to completion to better the Scouter and the Scouting program. The Wood Badge award is earned by completing this ticket. While Wood Badge is a training experience for the Scouting program, its lessons are applicable all through life. In my mind the biggest lesson is this: “You are never done learning, you are never done creating goals and working towards a vision. Life is a ticket and you must work it always.”

 Thus the name of this blog has found a root in my life. As I work my ticket of life I want to document my progress and share my experiences. While Life is one big ticket, there are always several smaller tickets to work towards as well. I am currently pursuing my Doctorate of Pharmacy Degree at North Dakota State University, I am continuing to be active in Scouting, I am exploring the adult world and working to do so, and I am continuing to travel, see the world, and make new friends, to name but a few. Each post I make will be tagged with a ticket, or three, that it works towards. Life is a journey and we must all work our tickets home. I look forward to sharing and documenting my experiences, and should you be reading this, may you always work your ticket. To life, and whatever may come our way.

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

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