The Next Generation

 There are so many things to do during the weekend on a college campus, but one thing I have the privilege of doing almost every Saturday is giving tours to prospective NDSU students. I very much enjoy the time I get to spend as an ambassador to the university I proudly call my home. On Fridays I may go to bed not looking forward to waking early but when I do finally get up on Saturday morning, I’m excited and ready to meet the next set of students.

 The next generation of freshman at NDSU is an important thing, they’re the ones that will carry on the legacy of the institution. These students inherit the pride and the culture of those before them and get to shape it for those to come. I have the pleasure of being right there, witnessing the changes being made, and contributing to them. I’m on year four of eight at NDSU and I will continue to give tours as long as the office of admission will have me. To see the influence that this campus has made on me over these past four years, and to get to share that influence so that others may one day proudly call NDSU their home, that’s why I’m a Bison Guide. 

 This past Saturday I got to give tours for the NDSU pathways program. These students were fun to show around and they even got a chance to participate in a residence hall event, Pavek Hall’s Watermelon Days. Tours give both current and prospective students an opportunity, to expand their horizons. For prospective students, they get the chance to explore the campus, ask questions of the current students, and see how residents live on campus. For the current students, namely me, we get to be an ambassador for our school and our program. I get to talk about personal experiences and make real connections for the students and parents that I show around. I very much like to talk and make connections. The students I show around know that I am an RA and I utilize that to expound on all the opportunities available with in residence life. I try to provide students with the most value possible from their tour and their visit.

 These tours are a great experience that I will be happy to continue for a long time. The joy I get from it is but an added bonus from the skills I garner, skills such as networking, public speaking, innovation, sales, and problem solving. All of these skills are needed and honed as a tour guide. I do my best to seek NDSU as a wonderful place to pursue higher education, and I truly believe that NDSU can help others grow just as it has helped me.

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

P.S. I try to take pictures with my tour groups. I’m getting better at remembering, but here are some of my groups so far: 

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