The Culmination of a Semester

 There is much work that goes into achieving an education. As the spring semester at NDSU draws to a close, there is much to look back on. I have finished three of my four finals this week, and of my seven I have one left. Looking to the events of this semester I have had many an experience, both exciting and disheartening.

 While my grades this semester may come out to be a little less than stellar, I am happy enough with them and they are very much passable. I have learned much this semester, from my professors, my classmates, and my role models. Looking at my classes I have to say I enjoyed my pharmaceutical care lab1, where I practice my skills in a hands on fashion. Here I’ve learned skills to go with my knowledge and I enjoyed getting to apply what I learned in class. Other classes may need some improvement but it is fulfilling to return home and realize that I can actually answer questions that my family poses to me. Realizing that I am learning and able to apply knowledge reinvigorates me to continue my education.

 In order to continue my education I have some summer experiences that I am preparing for. These experiences are things I look forward to greatly. This summer I will journey to London to explore the practices of pharmaceutical care in the UK and how they compare to those in the US. While I am there I will be taking advantage of some of my downtime to visit with friends that I have in Europe. Another summer item is the completion of my first piece of experiential education. I have a three week rotation in a hospital in the state of Wyoming. I received my licensure for that rotation today and I am excited for what I can learn in the field.

 The other school based experience I have lined up for the semester is currently still in the works but I plan to take a class online through Mercer University. This class teaches about owning and operating a community retail pharmacy. With my career aspirations of running a pharmacy, I think this class will prepare me to better understand and work through the details of running a business, whether it be an independent pharmacy or one operating under the auspices of a chain such as Walgreens®. I look forward to the knowledge I will learn here because the business principles could also be applied to endeavors in my personal life as well and should give me a different perspective as well as some more tools in with which to consider my different options both while still in and post university.

 But I still have a couple of days left before I say farewell to NDSU for the next few months and with that comes some other experiences. I am in the process of checking my residents out of their rooms and it is a bitter sweet experience as I have watched them grow their first year here and I will be sad to see them go, but I am also proud of all that they have accomplished. I am happy to have been a Resident Assistant and I am sad that I am not returning to the role next year but there are other experiences calling me that I have decided to pursue and as such I will find other ways to be a resource to freshmen, especially those looking to enter the health professions fields and to study them here at NDSU.

 As I say goodbye to NDSU for the time being I will always have the experiences that it has provided me this past year, experiences to build on in my time to come at NDSU and beyond. Life is a string of opportunities, opportunities to experience and grow and I will seize them as I can so that I may continue to work my ticket.

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

1 PHRM 355. Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience I: Introduction to Institutional Pharmacy Practice.
This course is designed to be an introduction to institutional and health systems pharmacy. This practice experience will allow students to further develop the knowledge and skills learned in the pharmaceutical care series in addition to developing an understanding of the role of a hospital pharmacist as a member of the health care team

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