The 787 (Supplemental)

     Travel is something I have done all my life and I love to fly. Since my mother’s family lives on the east coast and we live in the Midwest, I travel a great deal by plane. At least once a year I would take a trip out there and the flying commenced. My original choice of career was to be an airline pilot, but I decided that that wasn’t a feasible path for me so much searching and a high school job later I decided to pursue pharmacy school. Now I take the opportunity to fly whenever I can. 

     The most recent flights I’ve taken haven’t been to visit the family but to explore more places, like Alaska, Hawaii, Japan and more. Today I am on a journey to explore London and other parts of Europe for three weeks. After a short hour flight to Chicago’s O’Hare airport I flew on a Boeing 787 wide body to London. Some great experiences happen on planes and another happened on the journey to O’Hare. 

     During the flight to O’Hare I had an aisle seat with Madison in the center, but the real gem was the woman named Sky, who had the window seat. Sky was traveling from Minneapolis back home to Wales and she was quite a free spirit. Madi and I had some great laughs and got some great tips for London. After some light turbulence and conversation, we deplaned at O’Hare. From there we proceeded to our international gate and regrouped with our other traveling companions. 

     While at O’Hare I got to know some other traveling companions and went to Starbucks with Madi and Kimmy. While there we ran into Sky again and shared some more laughs, apparently Americans always need their coffee. But after several more minutes of conversation and a couple of hugs we parted ways. While back at the gate I conversed with Dr. Scott and we talked about careers, aspirations and scouting. 

     On the plane to Heathrow I attempted to sleep, watched some television shows and wrote this post. I am very excited for the days to come and the experiences they may contain. Maybe I’ll get some sleep, but no matter what I will have a great time.

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

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