A Double Decker Bus (Supplemental)

     I’ve always wanted to travel to the UK, to experience their culture, eat their food, and see their sites. Today started the realization of that dream as I cleared passport control and entered the UK, picked up my bag and cleared customs. Once through the secured areas of the airport, I pulled some pounds out of the ATM, remarkably with no fees, and we met with our drivers. After the hour trip from Heathrow to Chapter House Kings Cross we were greated by IES abroad (coordinator of the study abroad program) and introduced to our program. The accommodations are actually quite lovely and should be greatly comfortable.

     After arrival and a wonderfully blessed shower we fought fatigue and got out a little IMG_4190in London. Tanner, Kimmy and I went to find lunch and after passing several closed pizza shops (Tanner was in the mood for pizza and there was a local power outage) we found Nenno Wood Fired Pizza and Restaurant. There were many things to choose from on the menu, all of which looked mouth-wateringly good. I went with the resturant’s namesake, the Nenno which was a delicious pizza topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella, pepperoni, pecorino cheese, red onions, black olives, and garlic. My companions had a Nenno without black olives and a calzone.

IMG_4768     After lunch we had about an hour then we had a housing orientation and took a short bus ride down to some shopping. With all of us on our first English bus, we sat up top and tried, in vain, to follow where we were. Here we were introduced to Argos, Three (phone company) and I went into my first Boots (probably won’t be my last). I also stopped into a Starbucks to buy a few mugs.

 IMG_0715.JPG    We found our way back to Chapter House and I later took a walk down to Kings Cross where we discovered Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾. I bought a tie (Slytherin House) and Kelly managed to keep herself to just a sweatshirt. We then did some grocery shopping at a local Tesco before returning to chapter for the night. Back in the room I worked real hard to stay awake but at 20:45 I succumbed.

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

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