Learning Across the Pond (Supplemental)

Thursday had very little planned, just three hours of lectures. I got to sleep in since the day didn’t start until ten, and I much appreciated that. At 0815 I arose and started my day. I left Chapter at 0900 and preceded to look for breakfast. I had planned on trying for Moreish again but again they were closed so I looked for a different place to try. THis is how I stumbled on the 49 Cafe just down the street. I had a Panino French to go, which was basically a BLT with cheese, but my was it tasty. After arriving first at IES, which is an established pattern at this point, I ate my sandwich and met our first lecturer. 

Dr. Jennifer Gosling teaches management at the London School of <>. She came to deliver a lecture on the National Health System (NHS) in the UK, including its founding, some reforms, and how it operates today. The breakdown of the NHS management structure and billing was the most interesting. 80% of the NHS budget is actually spent by the general practitioners (GPs) on contracted services at places like hospitals and specialists. There was also some discussion on the pharmacists role as a first line of contact with ailments since pharmacists here may gain full prescribing rights and give shots. Dr. Gosling did a great job and we were happy to have her.

After Dr. Gosling’s lecture, we had about half an hour for lunch, we were supposed to have an hour but we are a chatty group and kept her long. I had a piece of blueberry crumble bread that I had also bought at the cafe that morning since breakfast was so filling and I wasn’t all that hungry. During lunch Dr. Scott and I chatted some more, this time about our plans for the upcoming long weekend. He is going to Normandy and Paris. 

Upon returning to our classroom, Dr. Bahijja Rainier-Abraham of Kings College London’s School of Pharmacy. Dr. Bahijja talked on the role of the pharmacist in the UK, different prescribing rules and regulations and how over the counter products are regulated in this country. (You can only get aspirin through the pharmacist now because of suicide issues in the past.) Dr. Bahijja also discussed how academia and research fields are continuing to improve the profession and using art to spread awareness. 

Both guest lecturers were wonderful and did marvelous jobs with their presentations. After this most of the group headed back to Chapter for the summer barbecue that was being thrown for residents. I helped Kimmy register her travel plans with IES and then also returned to Chapter. The barbecue was quite fun thanks to the free food and the camaraderie with my classmates. John and I won coconuts at one of the games, and there was a lot of gummie candy too. I also conversed with some of the event staff, turns out they’re actors. One of them, and she was quite cute, happens to be friends with the lead actor in School of Rock that I had seen the night before. 

After the barbecue I worked a bit on adding pictures to my previous posts and relaxed a bit. At around 1800 I ventured out for dinner. I had decided to check out Granary Square as it was suggested by the director of IES. Granary Square was lovely and had some good looking restaurants but they were quite packed. I then wandered through the streets of King’s Cross until I passed Gran Sasso and I decided to have their Veal Escalope and Ravioli special. Dinner was great and I have yet to have a bad meal out. I’m loving London and plan to make the most of my remaining week. 

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

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