Old Friends and New (Supplemental)

Saturday was much anticipated as I would get to see a dear friend again, and I only see her about once every 2 years (current average). I had nothing else planned for the day so I waited for her to let me know when and where to meet her. While waiting I added some photos to a past blog post and did my course work for my summer class. That took way more work and concentration than it should’ve so I’m not sure how I’m feeling about all that. Around 1100 I got hungry so I ventured back to the Moreish Cafe to try one last time, and amazingly they were open, but they were out of porridge… I ended up ordering a sandwich with roast beef and pickles and mustard, which was quite good, though there was just a bit too much pepper on it for me. After returning to Chapter I got a time (1400) and a place (The Victoria and Albert Museum) to meet my friend. 

At 1300 I hopped on the Tube down to South Kensington Station (any of my Grey Wolf pals should get a kick out of that) and got there at 1341, two minutes after those that I was meeting. I walked to the V&A Museum and waited on the steps writing my last blog post. At 1410 I texted and discovered I was being waited for inside the museum. I entered the V&A and was greated with a big hug from Georgia (my friend). After being joined by her boyfriend, we all went and sat in the museum garden and caught up. I was introduced properly to Aron (the boyfriend) and we chatted for a bit. We could’ve spent the entire day talking out there on the lawn but when in London, you should do things in London. 

We had a cream tea at the V&A, where I was chided for not ordering a scone (sorry Georgia), and made a mess. After which we went through the galleries in the museum. Georgia and I went to the exhibition on fashion as it evolved and has been developed in London and the UK. After that exhibit we were going to go to the science museum, but a misunderstanding prevented us from meeting back up with Aron in a timely manner and as such, we were unable to venture there. Instead we went looking for a nice place to eat dinner. 

Thus I eventually found myself seated in a Pizza Express, across the table from the two I was with. We ended up having a coupon for a three course meal for £13.95 and so we all got 3 courses. I was informed that I must order the dough balls as my starter, and so I did. After I ordered a pizza with buffalo and cow mozzarella as well as rocket (a type of salad leaf) and cured Italian meats. It was delicious and even more so with the garlic olive oil that was available to top it with. For dessert Georgia and I both had cheese cake with a strawberry ice cream. I must say, Pizza Express was quite a nice choice, even for a chain restaurant. 

After dinner we ventured off to the Tate Modern, via the Waterloo Bridge. We walk pretty slowly since we were having such a merry time. We had some good photo opportunities and a nice rolling gate towards the museums. The Tate was a good time and very different as it was contemporary art. After a quick jaunt through some of the galleries we hopped over to the tube station where we took a train back to Victoria so that I could wish Georgia and Aron a good trip back to Norwich. I got another big hug from Georgia and shook hands with Aron. I look forward to seeing them again. I had a great time and was very pleased with the events of the day. Once every two years isn’t enough. 

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

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