A Trip 2 Pharmacy 2 (Supplemental)

     The day before departing the lovely UK, we had to present, on our topic of choice, to the class. I had chosen to compare the role of a community pharmacist in the UK versus the US. So I gave my presentation last, but I was in charge of collecting all the presentations and bringing them up since Dr. Scott is a bit technology challenged. The 8 presentations took us 2 hours and then it was time for lunch. I’m a fan of lunch.

     We all decided to go to a restaurant put together by an artist by the name of Damien Hirst. The restaurant is called Pharmacy 2, and was really cool for all us pharmacy students. If you are ever in London, I encourage you to check it out. I had the Lamb Cutlets and it was quite tasty. I would definitely eat there again. It was a bit pricey but I happily spent it because I had a fantastic experience.

     After that we ventured to Westminster Abbey to tour there. The building is gorgeous and it was very cool to go through and see the magnificence of all the tombs and chapels. We were not allowed pictures but we were there during a prayer, which was a lot of fun to experience. We then ventured around the other portions of the hall and then returned to exit. On the way out I lit a candle and said a prayer before exiting. Once out, we waited for some of the rest of the group to finish up before heading back to Chapter.

     After about an hour of down time, we met and made our way down to the National Portrait Gallery to have our farewell dinner. At the National Portrait Gallery Restaurant, we met Dr. Scott and Zosia, the IES program coordinator, and were seated. The restaurant had a magnificent view and pretty darn good food as well. I had three courses: salami, shallot, caper and parsley salad/fillet of pork, artisan black pudding, Savoy cabbage, and sage and onion gravy&British Cheeses, oatcakes, fruit bread, and quince jelly.

      It was a fitting end to our program and we all departed happy and thankful to have participated in such a wonderful experience. Well, at least I did. I look forward to returning to Europe and having many more experiences like such. Now to return to the states.

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

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