Live the Adventure: Part 1 (Supplemental)

     I’ve been very bad about keeping up with this blog to the point where I have taken a 6 week hiatus, but that ends here (I think 🙃). After my time in Wyoming, I did a little work for the company (I work for Walgreens) and prepared to journey off to West Virginia where I could Live Scouting’s Adventure. Unfortunately, some last minute changes meant that my dad could not join me so I booked a flight and shuttle pass, packed my things, and excitedly set out on my journey. 

     If you don’t know the scouts well, every four years there is a National Scout Jamboree, where thousands of scouts (ages 13-17) from across the country gather at the Bechtel Sumit Reserve in West Virginia for fun and fellowship. This years theme is “Live Scouting’s Adventure,” and that’s what I plan to do. I chose to attend this Jambo as a member of the Medical Administration Staff, specifically in the pharmacy where I am working as an intern. 

     The journey to Jambo started at 0400 last Thursday, as my mother graciously drove me to the MSP airport. I checked my bag, got my boarding passes, and proceeded to security. A while back I decided to pay for TSA Pre✔️ so I could skip security lines and have an easier time at the checkpoints, but no, everyone was a regular person that morning so that felt like a wasted purchase. Thank you TSA for that wonderful rip off. (The last two times I’ve flown, I was Pre✔️ but they weren’t doing Pre✔️… At the gate I waited for my flight to Charlotte, NC to board.

     The flight was rather uneventful, but I must say that my first, first class experience was definitely a pleasant one. Free bag check, breakfast and refreshments were all wonderful, on top of my added legroom. Once in Charlotte, I deplaned and journeyed towards my next gate. While waiting for that flight I met a nice gentleman from West Virginia as well as about 5 other staff members that were on the flight with me. We chatted and shortly after, began the boarding process. This was a small plane and we got to tarmac board, and valet check our larger carry on items. One of the other staff members hadn’t done this process before because he walked away without his red tag and in Charleston I had to yell for him to go back to the jet bridge before he got on the other side of security. But all in all the flights were great and American Airlines served us well. 

     Charleston airport = tiny. I had deplaned and got my bag within about 15 minutes of pulling up to the gate, which was unbelievable. Because of this, I got to get on a 2 hour earlier bus ride to the Summit. I boarded the bus and shortly thereafter, we were on our way to the site. I was excited, I wanted to see the new crown jewel of the BSA (not that new but I still hadn’t been there) and experience a national jamboree and by golly, this was the time. After a pleasant hour on West Virginia Freeways, we arrived at the Ruby Welcome center, debussed and proceeded to check in. That process was a breeze and 30 minutes later I was on a shuttle to the sub camps, or so I thought. Turned out the shuttle only went to Echo sub camp and so I had to find the shuttle from Echo to Delta. Once I did I arrived in great shape. 

     At Delta I settled in and began to meet the great people that I have the pleasure of serving with during this Jamboree. I was fifth to arrive and I’m the only non Pharmacist on the staff. I was soon sweating away setting up my cot and unpacking a bit. Then I went back to our work space and was introduced to our very cramped trailer (we have half of a 40 ft container for the pharmacy, which has a staff of 11…). Some of the others were packing drugs in totes and Keith (my tent mate and the chief pharmacist) eventually had us go work on setting up our tent. We got the rest of the cots set up, put down a plastic liner for the floor and zip tied up the sides, covered that with cardboard and moved the cots in. That tent is pretty nicely setup if I do say so myself. Dinner was good and we were pretty well fed. That evening was pretty relaxed and I had a good and cold shower. Dang are those invigorating. After that it was time for bed at 2300. After all we go to breakfast at 0730. 

Martin “Mixy” McNichols
Until we meet again

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