A Trip to Music City

Monday evening I packed up and left for Greenfield as an intermediate stop before hopping on a plane Tuesday afternoon. At the airport I breezed through checkin and security before making my way to the gate to meet my group. We were a rag tag bunch of North Dakota ruffians, embarking on a trip to see the place that made country music famous… Just kidding, we were a bakers dozen pharmacy students open our way to Nashville for the American Pharmacists Association’s Annual Meeting. We avéré on our plan and in the air ahead of schedule and landed 30 minutes early. The flight was uneventful, except for some turbulence at they end, ooh, and we bounced on landing. 😉 I listened to some of my book and may have dozed off a bit as well. After getting our bags (they beat us to the carousel) (and Amanda grabbed an identical bag that wasn’t hers) we hopped in a Lyft and made it to our humble abode in good time. After a quick look around the quite magnificent digs we had secured, most of us headed out to the Grand Ole Opry for the Tuesday night performance, featuring Rascal Flatts.
While waiting for the show, we stopped at Mission BBQ for some vittles. I ordered a pulled chicken sandwich with a baked sweet potato. It was a scrumptious sandwich, especially with the addition of their succulent Memphis BBQ sauce. Then we proceeded to the show, taking several photos along the way. Once in the Grand Ole Opry, we had a hopping good time listening to the wonderful performances of Joe Conley, Craig Morgan, Balsam Range, and Rascal Flatts, before discovering that a rideshare away from the area at the end of the show had increased 10 fold from $15 to ~$150. Some of us hung out at the nearby Dave and Busters having some drinks and chatting while waiting for the price to decrease.
Then it was off to the Florida Georgia Line House, where we got our dance on for a good hour or so. Drinks in this town are expensive (around $10), unless you’re me and drink Shirley Temples, then they’re $3. 😏 Once we had had our fill of the FGL House, we moseyed on over to the Honkey Tonk for some live music. (I wonder if they are a member of the American Honky Tonk Bar Association…?) Then at midnight a few of us called it a night and made it back to our home for a bit. We got to know each other a little better and talk things out for awhile before settling in for the night. That in itself was an adventure. The listing for the Airbnb said that the couch was a pull out, but it definitely wasn’t… but all of the girls had to try it for themselves before they believed it. This led to 5 or 6 of them (okay, I admit that that’s not all of them) trying to find a way to pull out the couch, but alas they were convinced and we all went to bed. Then we waited for the morning (but not tomorrow as it was about 130 in the morning already and we didn’t want to skip the day. 😉

Until we meet again,
Martin “Mixy” McNichols

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