Exploring Country, and a Few Other Things

After arriving and having a great first night, I was ready to go for the second day. I woke up early (7:30 am) and began to prep for a phone interview I had at 10. After getting dressed, making my bed (the couch 😉 ), and organizing all of my stuff, I sat down at the island with my computer and a notebook to do some prep work. I wrote some questions to ask my interviewer, and the answers to some questions I thought my interviewer might ask me. When I finished my prep I still had about an hour before my phone call, so I put in some pump up jamz and began my wait. Around 9:30 I sent a group message to remind everyone I had the interview and to ask one of my rambunctious flat mates to not be her boisterous self until about 10:30. Then I continued my pump up (dancing like no one was watching) and waited. Around 9:55 I sat down at my computer and began anticipating my phone call. I knew it was unlikely that my interviewer call right away but as the minutes ticked by, I got more and more nervous. At 10:05 I got and answered the call. For my first phone interview, I thought my interviewer was very nice and personable. We talked for about 15 minutes, and she went over the next few steps for me. This was round one of interviews and I should hear more by the end of March. After hanging up, I sent a text to the group letting them know they could be as rowdy as they liked now and cleaned up my area. Several minutes later I decided to take a walk to the grocery store and several of the girls decided to join me. After successfully navigating to what the map said was a grocery store (confirmed by a google search I might add), we wound up at the police precinct… Hm. So we all stopped for smoothies at Smoothie King, I had a Berry Punch and it was delish. Then several of the group broke for some Hattie B’s Hot Chicken while the rest of us continued on for Kroger. After 2-3 miles of walking we arrived at the grocers and did a bit of shopping. I got supplies for cold cuts and pancakes. After our lyft back to the base, Several of the girls I was with went out to the mall and Opryland resort. I heard it was great but me and Ellie decided to get some sun on the balcony and wait for the other group who said they’d be back in about 0.5-1 hours… 2 and a quarter hours later they arrived, but Ellie and I got some color and had some good conversation. I enjoy getting to know my classmates better. We hung for a bit, making a game plan for the rest of the evening and around 4:30 got a lyft out to “The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden,” where we ran into another NDSU student that had come down separate as well as a group of pharmacy students from Connecticut. I had a BBQ burger special with goat cheese and sweet [potato] fries. It was a fun little joint and we then walked to a couple of bars a few blocks away. After looking at the procès though, we cut loose and lyfted back home. Then we fiddled with the fireplace, and had a good time in Club Mixy playing Psych and laughing. After a couple of hours we moved the club inside and did some Cards Against Humanity, which garnered plenty more laughs. Finally, around 2am we turned in for the night. Here’s to another great day.

Until we meet again,
Martin “Mixy” McNichols

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